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Welcome to Historic House Guy!

  • Preservation Carpentry - Preservation and replication of time honored craftsmanship.
  • Plaster - Repair of flat wall plaster using consolidates and historical plaster formulas.  Replacement of flat wall plaster using modern formulas or old to achieve an authentic look.
  • Timber Frame Stabilization – Using the latest technology in epoxy restoration as well as traditional joinery with native lumber species, engineered framing or treated framing in repair work.
  • Restoration Millwork – Complete millwork capabilities to replicate historic millwork.
  • Paint Analysis – Microscopic paint analysis of sample chips to determine original colors as well as paint makeup.  This process is sometimes useful in dating a structure or when changes were made.
  • Building Surveys – To determine age, condition, etc for restoration, specific uses, adaptive reuse, or accessibility.
  • Antique Building Materials – A selection of materials most often needed in restoration.
  • Distinctive Remodeling – For any age or style of structure.
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