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Dear Steve,

Thanks for a great job!

  • for dealing with the insurance adjusters!
  • for dealing with the building inspectors!
  • for making all the right decisions & choices!
  • for staying on schedule!
  • for listening & answering questions
Let us know if there are any problems with Allstate paying for your dumpster bill.

Have a great August

Dear Steve,


You're so efficient - we're very impressed!  I've got other stuff I want to talk to you about.  I'll be back Wednesday.  Hope to see you soon.


Dear Steve,

Thank you very much for the beautiful job.  We'll give you a call as the remodeling work progresses.

-Dave and Penny

Dear Steve,

Don and I want to thank you again for being available and coming here on Friday.  When Allstate told us we could have our own contractor, there was no doubt in our minds that the person who would do the best work is you!  We hope that you and Allstate can come to some agreement.  We already have a check.

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